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  • Color Palette
  • Logo
  • Alternate Logo
  • Icon
  • Font Choices
  • Brand Graphics
  • Pattern/Texture
  • Photography Style
  • Branded Social Media Templates
  • Branded Marketing Materials

And get lifetime access to a ton of Canva Templates!

Mood Board

Brand Board

Brand Style Guide

Facebook Graphics

Instagram Graphics

YouTube Graphics

Pinterest Graphics

Logo Templates

Slide Deck

Business Card

Lead Magnet

Thank You Card

Client Welcome Guide

Pricing & Services Guide

Case Study

Testimonials Sheet

Pricing Sheet

Speaker Sheet

Project Proposal


Brand Launch Templates

Ad Templates

“If you want a designer to help you I can’t say enough about Amanda Olson and her work. She really knows her stuff.

– Angela Kelly, Energy Essentials of New England

I'm Amanda.

Good design is powerful and I want every business to have this asset working for them.

As a designer, I’ve realized that there was a gap in what many business owners really need. They don’t want to fly completely solo and DIY their brand, leaving them feeling lost and unsure.

And they often don’t have the budget yet to invest in a custom designer who’s going to create a really great result for them.

So that leaves a space in the middle. I thought, “What if I could work alongside these business owners as they create their brands?” They have resources, access to a designer, and training, but not with the high price tag.

I can’t wait the beautiful brands we create together. 😀

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